Being invited to capture important moments in families lives is the greatest gift bestowed onto photographers, and a gift that I will never stop appreciating. Infant. Child. Parent. Relative. Everyone has a story to tell, and I am honored to be given the gift of telling yours.
One motto I tend to live by is to not take life (or myself) too seriously. Somehow I’ve gone through life with this motto while maintaining a need for scheduling and planning. How the two work together is a mystery! I’m guessing my husband helps to keep me sane-shhh..don’t tell him! If not him, then it’s my adorable toddler son/model. When he came into our lives, my OCD cleaning, organizing, and scheduling was put in its place by a one year old. Family is the most important aspect in my life, and that feeling is what I bring out in each session.
My style:
I am a person who pulls inspiration from all around me, including other facets of myself. Teaching is also a passion of mine, and I quickly realized that so many skills that I utilize in the classroom, I transfer over into my photography. When working with children especially, I find my background in education to be a wonderful asset. I’m a very eclectic person; I enjoy a little bit of everything. This allows me to connect with so many different themes, people, and ideas-I love it!

Samantha Haynes is an on-location portrait and event photographer based in Simi Valley, California, serving the Ventura, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles counties.

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