Look who’s 2!

I always separate my personal life with my professional when possible, but a couple weeks ago was an exciting opportunity to merge the two. My little  man celebrated DSC_1574his 2nd birthday this weekend, and we went all out! All of our family was there, and it was so fun seeing my son Xander play with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. While his 1st birthday was a milestone, I think I was more excited for his second birthday, because he could be much more involved in the party, and enjoy all the decorations, toys, and interactions.

DSC_1387I enjoy all aspects of photography, but my favorite to focus on is detail. A facial expression, the interactions between family, and the holding hands of the ones we love. Those are what show the connections people have with one another.

One great tip when you’re photographing kids (yours or someone else’s) is to always have something to do. We had bubbles, water guns, trains, water pools, and a piñata to keep both children and adults fully entertained. This allowed for some fun images of Xander running around with his cousins.

Another great tip is to make sure to capture expressions. Don’t be afraid to zoom in to get a face, eyes, or hands in action. Sure, you want to step back and illustrate DSC_1653what’s going on, but sometimes zooming in on a face makes a priceless photo. That’s why I simply don’t care that I didn’t capture images of the kiddos attacking the candy as it fell out of the piñata. The fact that I got this photo of my son, enjoying his ONE piece of candy he chose to dive for, is perfection. DSC_1670

I always try to join in on the fun, but I just can’t resist stepping back and watching it all happen. Not to get all mushy, but I love reflecting on my life and finding the good in it. Really stepping back to see all the joys in your life is something I try to remind myself to do; especially when I feel stressed or frustrated. No matter how crummy I feel, there’s always something to feel good about! My son is my biggest motivating factor, and being his mother is the most special gift.

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