Location, Location, Location!

My last post focused on finding appropriate wardrobe for your family before a photography session. Now let’s take a step back and talk about finding your ideal location! There are MANY places to choose from for your photography session. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing a location:

The first question to ask yourself: INDOOR or OUTDOOR?


Indoor can be great because you do not have to worry about the natural elements as much. Your session time can work more around you and your family’s schedule rather than Mother Nature. Crazy Santa Ana winds? Torrential downpours? No problem!

DSC_0835          DSC_0175             DSC_8929


Outdoor is fun because you can have a backdrop that cannot be easily recreated in a studio. Natural light can create some of the most captivating images, and you can choose a location that fits with your family’s personality to make it more unique and creative.

DSC_9330          DSC_6182          DSC_0111

Both Indoor and Outdoor have options within them. First, let’s explore some options if you choose an indoor session:


The great thing about a studio is you can be assured perfect lighting. Any light scenario can be recreated in a professional studio (with the right equipment). This ensures your family will look their best. This is a fantastic benefit, but also think about some of the possible downfalls of a studio. First, your final photos are limited to whatever they have. Your photographer may have fantastic props and backdrops available, or they may only have a few simple, solid color backdrops.

Your Home

The idea of “modern storytelling” photography is becoming increasingly popular. These photos capture a family in their natural interactions rather than posed images. The great thing about your home is that it can be used for both! If you have nice living room or dining room , this is a nice option for your family’s stylized photos. If you are more like me and your home looks a bit more…”lived in”… then having images that capture your family enjoying daily activities in your home can create some truly wonderful final photos.

If you know that indoor photos are not for you, there are almost unlimited outdoor options for your family’s session as well! Here are some questions to think about when choosing an outdoor location:

What hobby does your family enjoy?

Is there a place that is significant or has meaning for your family? Is there something you all enjoy doing, or a place everyone loves to visit? Maybe that should be your location! For example, if your family loves to sail or fish, the beach may be the perfect option. It can be a fun location-especially if you have a beautiful sunset.

What colors are in your home?

Not typically the first question that comes to mind, but it is important to think about how the colors in your home will compliment or compete with the colors in your final image. After all, a photo does nothing sitting on your desktop! The goal is to have it printed and displayed, so it will behoove you to think about the spot where your print will be hung. For example, if your home has earthy tones, a woodsy location will fit right in! Have a lot of pastels? Perhaps a meadow with flowers or a local garden would be an ideal spot.

 What is your family like?

If you cringe at the sight of bugs or hate to get a little dirty, a creekside setting is probably not the best location for you. Likewise, if your family loves to get down and dirty with nature, photos outside an architectural museum may not make any sense. You want the location to be pretty, but you also want it to relate to who your family is.

There are so many locations to choose from for your next family session. Hopefully these tips will help you narrow down your options. Lastly, remember-talk to your photographer! They are a professional and can help point you in the right direction to ensure your photos look wonderful.


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