A Fall Wedding

DSC_4222Even in the very beginning when I first started dabbling in photography, I was pretty adamant that weddings weren’t for me. The pressure of only having a finite amount of time to get photos, the list of shots not to forget, the challenge of dealing with whatever light scenario is thrown at you-seems like a stress I could stay away from, right?

Well…never say never.

DSC_4241I recently was one of the photographers at a wonderful venue in Ventura, CA. The venue is actually a historical landmark and, me being the nerdy 4th grade teacher, I was so excited to spend the day at a place so entrenched in California history. The land at Olives Adobe was sold right after the Spanish Mission period and purchased by the Olives family. It was prime real estate at that time, and many arguments & fights ensued over land ownership. Now it’s even said to be one of the most haunted locations in SoCal (the stories were laid out in further detail while I was there…eek!). But I digress…


Was it challenging to deal with the harsh light and patchworks of shade? Yes. Was it stressful knowing that it was my job to create a story and capture the memory of the day? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I had such fun photographing this wedding! The venue is an important landmark in Latino history, and this wedding fit right in. Between the mariachis, the flautas, and the groom in full vaquero garb, I was back in the rancho period.   La familia was in full swing by the reception, and everyone was up and dancing. I felt so blessed to be able to capture every moment, and proud that I was able to give the bride & groom photos they can cherish forever.

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