Double Trouble


I had an absolute blast photographing Reese & Reagan’s 1st birthday party! I also have to admit I was a bit jealous-the Alice & Wonderland theme is something that ANY girl would want, and this one (thumbs pointing inward, here) is no exception. Upon first approach, I was immediately pushed down the rabbit hole into a wonderland filled with a Mad Hatter tea party, swirling, bright colors, and huge bottles of bitter elixirs. It was quite a sight!

Little Reese & Reagan were the two cutest Alices I have ever seen. Certainly not helping the baby fever… They were wonderful hostesses, remaining cool, calm, & collected throughout the day. I will say, though, their table etiquette still needs a little work, but I guess that’s what happens when your body is first learning fine motor skills! I can’t really complain-it made for some fantastic photo memories.

DSC_3777   DSC_3788

I am in love with this wonderful family, and so excited to take their holiday photos next month! Stay tuned for part two!


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