A Menagerie of Mammals

DSC_2475         DSC_2279

I recently had the pleasure of photographing my first maternity session! I was so excited for this  happy couple, and very honored to be able to take their picture. At first I wasn’t nervous at all when Mommy-to-be explained that she wanted to incorporate her animals into her maternity shoot. Before my son came along, our two dogs  were our furry babies-my husband and I would bring them everywhere with us!

Yes, dogs were in the mix, but I soon found out that so were horses…and goats…oh my! My simple photo shoot was turning into quite the menagerie. Nevertheless, I tackled this session as I do all others-with careful planning, and an open mind. I had never worked with horses or goats before, and I knew I had to have many ideas, but place zero expectation that my planning would go off without a hitch.

Once I arrived at their home, I had such a sense of calm around all their animals-it was like I was fulfilling the wishes of the five year old inside of me! I mean…who DOESN’T want to pet a goat named Linus and a horse named Xena?  I had SO much fun during this session-observing the animals and the couple I was photographing-both in their element, both right at home. It was great capturing them in the moment, ready for the new member of the family to arrive. Take a peek at my portfolio for more animal encounters!

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