Getting Back to Nature


I’ve always found the beauty of nature photos, but the interest in photographing nature alone wasn’t a great interest of mine. However, during my weekend in Paso Robles, it was clear I had to attempt to capture the beauty of wine country. Not photographing the beauty of the vineyards would be like drinking Red Bull during a tasting. Just…No.

We had the pleasure of spending the weekend at a friend’s vineyard  and helping with the harvest of some of his grapes. I should clarify though, by helping, I mean waking up early and watching everyone else pick and crate the grapes while I took pictures of the scenery… in between closing my eyes imagining myself in a Disney movie with all the birds singing in the morning.

The vineyards were breathtaking. I couldn’t believe my luck-taking pictures of leaves starting to turn, grapes so ripe they look as if they could burst right off the vine, the deep purple so pronounced against the earthy background. I had so much fun experimenting with lighting and composing a photo with natural elements. It’s a great reminder that anywhere you go, you can find a picture waiting to be taken.

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