Baby J

A friend of mine gave birth almost three months ago to sweet Baby J. I went over to photograph him-the first time going to someone’s home. I had planned meticulously since I didn’t know what the lighting would be like or what kind of items they had at home for me to work with. I brought blankets, fabrics, heaters, backdrop clips…you name it, it was there.

I tell mom to relax and feed him while I set everything up, and am pretty proud of myself for finding the perfect spot in their home with practically perfect lighting. Baby J is in a milk coma after feeding-‘perfect!’ I think to myself. I get him all ready to be posed and what happens? He realizes I’m trying to pose him and he is NOT having it. After attempts to settle him down and restart, I realize that posing is not going to be his thing, and instead switch gears for the entire session. Our morning immediately turned into a photojournalism shoot; capturing a day in the life of Baby J.

While I was a little bummed at first that my plan failed, I am so happy with how the session turned out. I was able to get honest family photos that will be cherished. As I’ve said before, I learned many things as a teacher that have carried over into photography. What #1 rule did I remember today? When working with children, have a plan, and be prepared for it to go completely out the window!


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