Double Trouble

I recently had the opportunity to photograph twin boys just 14 days new! Baby A & Baby Z were so sweet and (mostly) calm throughout the session. It was definitely a challenge photographing two babies instead of one. Inevitably while one was behaving, the other decided to fight over the position he was in. Probably the story of their lives, right? Luckily this meant I was able to get adorable pictures one on one-something that they will appreciate as they grow older.

Mom & Dad were reluctant to be photographed during the session, but they were good sports about it. I cannot stress enough to parents how important it is that they are in these photos too. You never know where life will take you, and even if that photo ends up in the back of your closet, at least it’s there. Children are newborns for such a short amount of time-that’s why it’s such a gift to have these early memories forever. I know how hard being a new parent can be, and they definitely jumped into the deep end by having twins on their first try! It was a beautiful session, and I am so grateful I was able to capture these early moments in this family’s journey.


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